Monday, November 3, 2014


Yeah I'd have to give myself an F on this assignment. I actually managed to stay off of Instagram for much longer than I expected. I did not check it until I remembered that I had instagrammed a picture Friday before discussion and checked it Saturday morning to see how many "favorites" I got. As soon as I was scrolling through my feed and the feed did not end I remembered that I was not supposed to check it. It is just such a habit as I check both facebook and instagram pretty much every morning when I wake up. I stayed off of them again until Saturday night when my friends were talking about someones picture and I gave in to be in on the conversation. (It was Halloweekend, come on I wouldn't wanna miss out on all the pics)

Rewinding back to Friday night I actually did turn my phone off, but I took it out with me. I then turned it on a couple hours into the night because I had to use Groupme and texting to find people/ give them directions. Sooo I basically threw in the towel Friday night for texting.

By Sunday morning I had essentially given up completely. The social media aspect to this assignment was very difficult indeed. However as far as communicating with my friends goes, the only hard part about not texting was when I was out and about. I live in a sorority house with a ton of my friends, so the most work that went into figuring out our plans was walking down a floor and to the other side of the house to consult with my friend. I would communicate with my friends outside of my house through my friends in the house and make plans that way.

I definitely cheated with netflix.... I'm not sure if that was allowed or not but what else is one supposed do when procrastinating from homework on a Saturday afternoon without Instagram or Facebook?!

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  1. Same thing happened here where I forgot about the assignment until I had mindlessly scrolled through my social media. Its actually quite sad how checking up on social media has now gotten to a point where we unconsciously scroll through over and over again.