Monday, November 3, 2014


        This assignment ended up being a lot harder than I thought. Part of this I believe was because it was Halloween weekend. In the end I only lasted three hours on Friday. I ended up failing because I had friends coming into town that I needed to get into contact with and my phone currently does not work for calling and my house does not have a land-line so I had to text them the whole time they were here to keep track of and not lose them in the crowds. Even though I failed right away I still tried to use my phone as little as possible. I did this by turning my internet off so that way I could not use a lot of my apps and only texting people that I absolutely had too. Out of all of the days that the assignment was for I used my phone the least on Sunday. This was because I went home for the day so I did not use my phone while driving and while I was with my family.
        Even though I did not complete the assignment, I still learned a lot about how overly connected I am. I learned that when ever I am bored or not a part of the conversation I instantly pull out my phone and either check social media or play games. After realizing this I started trying to not pull my phone out so much. Today(Monday) this made me realize how much more attention I payed in class when I was not playing with my phone. So even though I did not make it very long this was a great learning experience for me.

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