Sunday, November 9, 2014

Manpower Job Search

From what i understood, the overall goal of Manpower is to help link employers to employees.  The three places i did job searches in were Madison, Menomonee Falls (my hometown), and Albany, PA. Most of the jobs i found were temporary/ part-time positions and required little to no experience.  For example, in Madison there was a big recruiting call for assemblers during the holiday season.  There were a lot of companies and factories that needed extra workers to meet the holiday demands.  The positions available in Menomonee Falls were a bit more within the service industry.  Although most of the positions were part-time, they were hiring for marketing and HR staff as well as retailers at various stores.  Again, most of the extra work is coming from the influx in orders and demands during the holiday season but it's a different working environment than those jobs that were being offered in Madison.  Finally, Albany, PA was offering a lot of the same industry and blue collared work that Madison had been offering.  The only major difference was that most of the work was in the metal and steel piping industry.  Again, most of these jobs were part-time for similar reasons.  I am not going to lie, I was a little disappointed with the types of jobs being offered in Albany.  Now, i'm not so sure i want to live there.

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  1. Unfortunately it seems as though "smaller" cities/towns are stuck with more blue collar or temporary jobs. From what I found the bigger cities have bigger jobs mainly because thats were corporations are based, which makes sense. However it would be nice to see bigger jobs being moved to smaller areas as well.