Monday, November 17, 2014


The game we played was called Henry Mall History and it was more of an educational tool than a game. Basically, what you had to do was walk to Henry Mall and when you approached a building you looked on the map on your phone and touched the picture of the building you were at. It then gave a brief history of that building. You continued to do that for every building on Henry Mall. Although the historic descriptions were brief, you did learn a lot, especially if you didn't have any previous knowledge about each building. One cool thing we learned is that there was a high school called Wisconsin High School located on Henry mall that operated from 1914-1990. It was then raised in order to construct the biotech building we currently have here on campus.
The "game" aspect of the game came in the form of a cheesy plot line including the ghost of Joshua Lederberg (who was a Nobel Prize winner and an assistant professor here) and then something about collecting mice?!?! That was kind of confusing. But overall, these games can be educational and it's cool that you can interact with your phone screen and reality at the same time. Although this probably wasn't the best example of the potential these games have, this could develop into something bigger and have a significant educational impact.

-Kassidy, Jay H, John

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