Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I organized all my postings in to a word document and I was actually really surprised. When I remember writing the posts, I remember not being worried about punctuation and grammar, and the main thing was to get your ideas out. I don't remember every proofreading a discussion post either. However, my posts are very accurate in terms of spelling and punctuation, and it's basically how I would have wrote/sounded like if it were a rough draft of a paper or maybe even a paper. I think it's because I usually do the proofreading step as I write something; I'll reread the sentence I just wrote to make sure it works. I still read over my work usually, but there's less mistakes. So I think that while I spend much more time and effort on exams and papers and things like that in this class, it might not look that way in how my blogs are written. I think I was just expecting a lot more errors and bad punctuation.
I think my best work is still easily the papers and exams because I'm fully conscious of accuracy as well as putting the best possible content down. My true self is probably the blogs in the sense that I still can write well in terms of spelling and grammar, and it's all my ideas written down free of the stress because your not necessarily graded on if your ideas are wrong in your blog.

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