Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blog Reflections

After looking at my blog posts, I noticed I presented myself, for the most part, in a professional and coherent manner.  I was happy with the way I presented myself and, even though they may have been the occasional typo, most of what I discussed was powerful and unique content.  I also think my writing is a lot more developed as the semester progressed.  (I think I got more comfortable with the blog format).   Something specific about my writing I’ve discovered is that I am very direct and to the point.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but maybe I could consider adding a bit more humor when appropriate or a touch of “uniqueness” that brings my posts out from the rest.  I think my favorite posts I did was my article reports.  I made a lot of powerful insights about the reading, had a diverse vocabulary, and, overall, the composition of the post was very strong.  One observation that I’m glad to have made is that my writing is continuously improving.

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