Saturday, November 8, 2014

Job Search: what is Manpower?

Looking at the Manpower website, I saw that the website really sold the idea of Manpower being around for 60 years and having  good understanding of how business has evolved. They cater to job-seekers by connecting what each job-seeker wants to accomplish to their dream job. They connect these job-seekers to companies that wish to increase productivity and profit.

1. Madison:
When I did a job search in Madison, a lot of construction jobs were offered to me. Mainly contract jobs, such as plumbing and electricians. Walking around the Madison area today, you can see how much construction is going on, in an attempt to increase housing. The need for technical jobs is almost non-existent in the Madison job search. This job search did not cater to my wants though, I would like a more technical and math-related job.
2. New Orleans:
When I searched New Orleans for jobs, I discovered that there is a great need for technical jobs. Although it seemed like each of these job posts was the same post made by the same company. This reveals to me that companies could perhaps "cheat" the system. So after looking at the listings, I do not know if I would trust the study of jobs in my hometown.
3. Washington D.C.:
I don't really know what city I would like to work in, so I chose D.C. and it showed me that I will probably not be working there when I get older. Most of the jobs that Manpower connects you with are service jobs. Most of them are contract jobs, so I would assume that they are looking for jobs that would be linked to a government event, but I only assume. D.C. has, by far, the most contract jobs and they were all food or office related.

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