Monday, November 10, 2014


This weekend's assignment was very interesting. I was familiar with this kind of website as I used it often in Korea, looking for part-time jobs. When I first searched Madison, WI, I find 1 temporary job and 2 permanent jobs. For temporary job, they were looking for a call center representative who has at least a year of experience in the field. For permanent job, they were looking for a auditor and a manager, also wanting someone with experience. A common requirement that they all had was the work experience and a college degree. I was not eligible for all jobs in Madison. Then I searched for jobs in Orange, California and I was able to find only one job as a temporary manufacturer with a $10/hr wage. Compared to Madison, it was not kind of a job I would prefer as it needed intensive-labor with smaller wage. At this point, I found out that in most cases, more requirements needed meant higher salary. For the last location, I chose New York City just to see follow with my curiosity. Indeed, New York city showed me 5 temporary and 12 permanent jobs and like I expected, they all consisted of jobs in the field of accountant, assistant, coordinator, and business consultant. Most of them appeared to show the highest salary of today's job search. I think some of New York City's were great but unfortunately for me, they all needed a proof that I can work in the US and some firms were not willing to give out visas to job applicants. As an international student, more requirements were needed to be filled because I needed to be more than eligible to gain trust by receiving a working visa.

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