Monday, November 3, 2014

I Failed This Assignment Miserably...

Well, I had already failed the assignment within 5 minutes of discussion ending on Friday. I had quickly scrolled through instagram without thinking about it and as soon as the deed was done I had realized how mindlessly I tend to scroll through my social media sites with no purpose whatsoever. After that I tried my hardest to not use my phone, however with the weekend among us it is necessary to use phones to communicate with others to stay connected and stay safe. Also, it was Halloween weekend so taking pictures was a MUST.
Overall, I did try to use my phone less for scrolling through social media sites because it's not necessary to do so. However, I did constantly check my phone Friday and Saturday night just for safety precautions. If a friend was in need and I wasn't made aware because of my lack of checking my phone I would feel horrible. With that said I am all for disconnecting from technology more, however technology does enable us to connect faster and easier which can be necessary depending on the situation.


  1. your post brings up two really good points. since its halloween weekend your right, the idea that you couldn't take pictures all weekend is insane. also, just safety wise your right too. although you hope for the best, if you couldn't use your phone at all then risks are a lot higher which is not something you want. good post

  2. I as well failed pretty miserably, so we're in the same boat. I agree that the fact that it was halloween weekend made it way harder not to use our phones, and with good reason I think!