Monday, November 17, 2014

Aris smh

This game had to be one of the most boring games I've EVER played and I've played some pretty boring games in my lifetime.  They are many variables that contributed to this bad review of the game.  For one the game seriously lacked any creativity.  I had to walk around campus and my GPS on my iPad confirmed whether I was at the correct location or not.  That was the first strike because it didn't seem like much of a game at all but more like a virtual tour that I didn't really need.  Another reason I didn't enjoy this game because it didn't seem like a game at all.  Games are supposed to be fun or at least moderately entertaining at the very worst.  This game wasn't either which is quite tragic. This was the second strike towards the game.  Finally, I didn't enjoy the game because of the whether of Madison.  It's not really the games fault that it was FREEZING outside but the fact that I had to walk around to complete tasks was a bit of a nuisance in the cold whether.  I looked at other games within Aris to see if any of the places that I could go were indoors but I could find any.  This was the third strike against the game and it gave me the thought that this was a bad game and it was boring.

I see that one of the other groups were having troubles with theirs, which was also a problem I had at one point.  This game was quite tragic and needs to be improved so that it can be more fun.  Now, once thing positive I can say about it is that it does provide information about the places that I went after I completed the tasked and it gives you an opportunity to see the campus if you haven't really been around it before.  Overall, I wasn't entertained by the game but if some type of fun exercise was included in the game along with the historical information included in it, it might be slightly more fun!

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  1. Your title though >>>> . We can't say that we had loads of fun with this app but we did find it enlightening that we have information to learn from constantly surrounding us.