Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I played a game that involved learning about the history of Freakfest. It starts by showing an image or a recent student (I believe) named Michael Smith. I tapped on his name and you basically have a simulated conversation that tells you how Freakfest used to be and how it came to be how it is now. I learned that it used to be controlled by the city, and that there weren't any concerts or bands that came to play, instead it was just thousands of people gathering on state street, drinking, and freezing their butts off. Today it is more like an actual event that we have, where you have to pay to get it, and there is a multiple music venues that you can see. The app gives you a website to learn more about the history of Freakfest, but I thought I'd just stick to the basics.

Overall, this app is interesting because it allows you to find out about so much of UW Madison's history, and it is interactive because a lot of the games require that you walk to certain places around campus to add to your "inventory". Although a lot of these games are quite simple and boring, this is an app that isn't like many others I've seen. It's a unique and cool idea.

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