Monday, November 17, 2014


i dont think i've ever had less fun doing any sort of game. It was just really frustrating. We played the library "game" and since we were at college library we tried to play the game by walking around the library. It said to visit college library and visit at least two floors. We walked all over the library and all around outside too and it kept saying we are near the library and near a "max" dude and we tapped on the library when it was near but thats as far as we could ever get. We could never actually do anything or get an achievements or anything, it just wouldn't do anything after we did what it said and touched what it said to touch on the screen.

Now, we probably could have been playing this game wrong or not know exactly how to work it which is actually probable. However, thats just an excuse I (we) feel like. This app is really hard to understand and navigate. This is suppose to be a "game". There's no fun in an app with a nearly impossible user interface, no clear directions,  and possibly glitchy and not-working-perfectly stuff like when it wouldn't acknowledge we did the task it wanted us to do.

This obviously works for others so maybe it was just us and we did it wrong. But it was a pretty frustrating experience and obviously we are not going to try to play on this app for too long of a time so we gave up after a while and just wrote this blog post. This app isn't a bad idea, but it's not an app that's going to gain much popularity most likely, especially with the way it works right now.

we = Adam, Kevin N, Jay L, Kyle P

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  1. Yeah, we had to use ARIS in another one of my classes. The UI is really badly designed, from what I could tell. Not sure why UW is trying to push it so hard: interesting concept, but the application seems pretty limited so far.