Sunday, November 30, 2014

Blogs vs. Real Life

                    I think my discussion blog posts are very different from those of my scholarly writing articles/papers that I do here at UW-Madison. The major differences would include how I attack issues and opinions. My opinion in a right-minded class will also be right-minded. Truthfully, I will agree with what will get me the best grade. Some Professors here are very opinionated and if you are not on their side, you’re also not on the A grade side. In LIS 201 I found out early on how it is ok to have your own opinion and how it’s good to challenge not just others beliefs but your own as well. 
                      I think the “truest” self-presentation of me would be on the blog post vs. my scholarly assignments. On the contrary, I think my talents are shown best via scholarly assignments. I can prove a point, whether I am for it or not, with evidence and support. Online and on the LIS blog I make a lot of conclusions without having evidence to back myself up. In the end I think online blogs allow more social, easy language where I can be comfortable in what I say and think.

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