Sunday, November 9, 2014


Manpower allowed me to see what jobs around Madison, WI, St. Paul, MN and Chicago, IL were being offered.  Madison, WI showed me multiple packaging, assembly, and seasonal work. St. Paul, MN had engineering opportunities and computer technology openings. Lastly, Chicago, IL had many varied opportunities such as sales, computer design, and entry level associates. I think that Chicago, IL and St. Paul, MN had better variation in comparison to Madison, WI. I think the cause of this is the different sizes of cities. In terms of size it goes Chicago, St. Paul, and then Madison, WI being the smallest. You would think the more the people the less the jobs, but in this case the more the people the more the companies resulting in more jobs.

            Graduating from school in 2017 I think the population in these cities will be similar and jobs will be pretty consistent of how they are now. I hope to be granted the privilege to come out of school with a job, and not have to use a site like Manpower. Manpower and employment sites seem to be for entry-level work, and for people that can’t research jobs on their own. It is an efficient and easy way to find work, but most posts seem to be temporary or seasonal work. This might be the perfect site for some people, but I could see how others wouldn’t use a medium like this site to get an interview. One thing I don't understand it the name "Manpower". Why not Womenpower? I wonder if they have gotten any discriminatory complaints or reviews. 

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  1. I like it Brooke, asking the important questions, haha. I was suprised when i read the kind of jobs you were finding available in your cities. Most of the jobs i found were blue collar assembly and factory workers with low wages and only part-time appointments. Very interesting, i wonder why these cities offer such different jobs.