Monday, November 3, 2014

Digital Disconnect

I started to tackle this assignment by carefully planning and preparing myself for the weekend of digital disconnect.  First of all, I let all my friends and family know beforehand that I will be restricted from the use of social networking. Then I took my computer away from presence so that I won’t be tempted to use it. Lastly, I printed out all my academic materials that needed to be studied over the weekend. All of these restrictions were particularly difficult to perform at this period because of Halloween gatherings and the fact that I had a mid-term exam on Monday.  On Friday night, I was able to relate to the documentary we watched. Although there were many tasks that needed to be done in my room, I was frequently feeling bored and desperate to connect myself back to the digital world. I was even feeling a little anxious. Despite the preparations, I have failed on Saturday morning. I found myself in bed, unconsciously scrolling down Facebook new feed from my phone. Moreover, later that evening, I met my barriers of physically studying for an exam directly from printed-paper. I needed to use the Internet to extend my knowledge and fully prep for the test. Overall, I learned a valuable lesson that the Internet is a great tool but only if it is used as a valuable source. Many times it distracts us from seeing the authentic values and isolates those who rely on their own digital world. 


  1. Props to you that you put so much work into surviving this weekend. It was interesting that you mentioned that studying was the hardest thing you had to face. The internet really makes studying easier cause you can Google things. So that was interesting.

  2. I slipped up the same way by unconsciously checking Facebook and I realized how routine it was to check social media sites. Although it helped for studying, I wonder how that balances out with how much time we waste on social networking sites. Good post and good attempt, it was much better than mine.