Sunday, November 2, 2014

Internet is bae

        One word I have to describe this assignment: Difficult. As mentioned in class, I recently deleted my beloved Instagram account, which made staying off my Internet on my phone a lot easier. Also, my friends were in town so the people I would have been texting, were with me. I noticed that the number one reason for being on my phone was taking pictures. Without our phones we would still have big digital cameras taking up space in our purses. 
           I lasted Friday night but caved Saturday around 5ish. I found it easier if I put my phone on Airplane mode to not receive any notifications from social media or texts. Overall I think we spend too much time on our phones, time that could be spent with more face-to-face interactions. I would stop cold turkey if everyone did as well, but I wouldn’t be able to join the movement if knew that no one would follow.


  1. I also found this assignment very difficult to accomplish. I've tried deleting my facebook app from my phone and this really helped a lot since many times we "unconsciously" look at our phones. We mindlessly scroll down the news feed to feel the relief of not missing out on anything when in fact, most of the content is irrelevant to our lives.

  2. I agree that this was a hard thing to do. I also had friends come into town and that is what made be end up using my phone. I also agree with your cold turkey idea because I would also be willing to do it but only if all my friends did too.