Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Wannabe Luddite

So, I did half-well on this assignment. I resolved not to use social media/the internet throughout the weekend & to give it my best shot on not using a phone. On Friday night, I did great, met up with my friends (we had already planned the location), and went out together.

Saturday went relatively well. I didn't use the internet to work on one of my assignments, which was harder than I expected. I have no idea how college students got by without using the internet. For example, now when I have a problem I can just google (for example): "Elasticity Equation Example Problem" to fix a gap in the lecture, but I have no idea what students back in the day had to do. Just give up? Anyways, it was a pain. However, later in the night I was a bit drunk and forgot the assignment, and organized my way back to some friends (got separated) via text message.

So, take home message is that going to college before the internet must have been hella hard.

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