Monday, November 10, 2014

Man Power

First when I searched for my hometown I found not a single job was being offered on the website. As a former resident I would be willing to be that only industrial and manufacturing type jobs would be available. So I decided to search in Green Bay where I found still a lot of manufacturing jobs with a few other jobs in there like salesmen. From there I went over to Madison saw another increase in a shift away from manufacturing type jobs. Which is nice to see as a person looking to get a degree. And so lastly I went to symbol of America in New York City. Where there was a lot of job listings and form the pages I looked through, and most of them required a college degree. There where very few jobs in the manufacturing areas. And that is also very good to see in my case as a college student. And I think that goes along with that trend of America going into the service industry. Most of the Jobs across the board are contract and not permanent. And I notices a job posted for a packager so I am guessing some of the jobs are posted for the Christmas season. Unfortunately I did not see the job I had in mind in any of the cities I looked at, so that kind of sucked. Otherwise it was a good way to look at the employment opportunities in America.

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