Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower Jobs

The first city I looked up on the Manpower job search was Madison, WI. The jobs varied from those that were described as using "cutting edge technology" (which I believe according to a reading from last week normally means using technology that utilizes toxins (sad face)) to seasonal jobs over the holidays that include working in a warehouse doing things like packaging.
The second city I did was my hometown of Green Bay, WI. These jobs also varied from those being "tech savvy" to entry level assembly jobs.
The last city I looked up was Los Angeles, CA (big city dreamin').  None of the jobs listed for this city were entry level assembly, or seasonal jobs. Out of the 10 jobs listed, 9 were permanent jobs and 1 was a contract job. 3 of these jobs were for a "recruiting" job. I think this is because since LA is such a big city they need to people to help find and attract other people to work here. Also, a few jobs required an engineering degree and 5-10 years experience in a similar role. Overall, the jobs listed in LA seemed much more secure and most likely more financially secure than the other jobs listed for Madison and Green Bay. This is probably due to the requirement of a higher education (ex. the engineering degree). This may be because LA is an industry leader and therefore more "higher up" positions are available to help support research and development.

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  1. I also found that when you searched a big city, higher level jobs were listed. I think this just comes with the fact that cities are more populated and that huge corporations are often based there.