Tuesday, November 11, 2014


While using Manpower, the job/ field I entered was "law", and I realized that my hometown wasn't even an option in the dropdown menu. This surprised me because although my hometown is not a major city, it still is relatively big compared to a lot of other cities/ towns that were on the list. I then did the same search for Madison, and also came up with zero results. It says beneath the search bar that 6538 jobs are available. I couldn't tell if this was talking about the state of Wisconsin alone or the cities I was searching for. However 6538 jobs regardless, limits you to only so much. I searched New York City to see what the website had to offer there, and I found that a lot of the jobs pertained to sales, but even in New York City, one of the largest in the world, there were still only 30 jobs that were shown. I personally wouldn't use this website to find jobs, I feel like there just aren't nearly enough options and there are other websites that will give you much more of a variety.

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  1. I would have to agree, I didn't find many opportunities on this site and probably wont use this site in the future to look for jobs. Interesting that your hometown didn't show up, I'm sure that although this site doesn't show it, there are jobs available there in the Law field. I like the way you analyzed your results and found your findings interesting.