Sunday, November 2, 2014

Technology Challenge

            I attempted to complete this challenge, and to be quite honest I lasted for about five hours. It was not hard for me to do from 5 PM to 10 PM because I live in my sorority house. I ate dinner with all of my friends and then hung out until around 10, when we left the house to go out. It really is impossible to not text when I am separated from my friends or looking for someone. People just don’t really like to talk on the phone anymore. Also, if my friends were going to be in crowded, noisy places, I was not going to risk not being able to hear them on the phone if I got separated from them.

            However, if I had actually completed the challenge, I know I would have had a few problems. First of all, I get so many emails from my sorority that I would not have been able to check. There may have been important reminders that I would have missed or changes to stuff in our schedule that I would have been unaware of. Also, I would have missed emails from clubs that I am involved in with meeting times and whatnot. I also email back and forth with my TAs for a few of my classes with questions, so I would not have been able to do that either. This challenge would have been good for me in some ways, though. I definitely could go without checking Instagram and Facebook every five seconds. I also do not need to be playing HayDay (basically another form of Farmville) in my spare time. I’m a little disappointed in myself, but I do think that it has become pretty impossible to separate yourself from technology once you have become so invested in it.

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