Monday, November 10, 2014

Manpower Inc.

While searching through the Manpower website, I found jobs in Washington, D.C, Madison, WI, and Annapolis, MD. In all three of these areas, most of the jobs were contract jobs. Contract jobs are temporary jobs where you work through contracting agency and the other is working through independent contracting.  In Washington, D.C, many of the jobs were permanent and they needed interpersonal skills.  There were many jobs that were associates in which you have to interact with people.  Most of the jobs that were in Madison were temporary and you didn't really need technology skills to obtain the job.  I noticed that Annapolis had the fewest jobs offered and they didn't and they were all contract.  It's cool to see that my home city has a lot of jobs to offer and technology skills may be nice to have but they are not required.  

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