Tuesday, November 11, 2014


From looking at the Manpower Inc. site, they help connect those looking for jobs with employers in an quick and easy fashion. All one has to do to find jobs in a specialized field or area is input their zip code and job type. I first decided to search for jobs in New York City, a few miles from my hometown. As expected, a lot of these jobs turned up to be pretty high up position wise. While there were some temporary jobs listed, most of the jobs that were being shown were permanent and contract jobs. The next area I decided to search was Madison, WI. I expected to see a lot more contractual positions listed, but, to my surprise, there were many permanent high-level positions in demand. Lastly, I decided to search for jobs in California. I've never been there before and would like to maybe work there in the future. I found most of these jobs to be contract jobs. This was not very surprising to me because it is such a popular area for people to live. After looking at all of the job opportunities, of course there were differences in the job types that were available, but what was more surprising was the fact that most of these jobs, if not all, required experience with technology. It is important to note this because most businesses now are building their business around technology and jobs now are requiring increased use and understanding of technological concepts such as the cloud and social media.

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  1. I never thought to search California. That is very interesting that all the jobs needed technology experience but I guess that will happen more and more the more we depend on technology.