Monday, November 10, 2014


From what I gathered, Manpower is a website to link job seekers to employers. It seems to be a user-friendly website, as it is clear and simple to use. It is easy to search for a job as you simply input a zip code and type of job. I first searched Madison and was actually surprised to see the jobs that appeared. Some were fairly high up positions in companies, and only a few seasonal jobs appeared, which I expected to see more of. Next I searched Chicago, my hometown. A huge variety of positions appeared, some of which I would imagine only go to extremely well educated people, as I saw jobs that paid 33 or even 40 dollars and hour! However there were also a lot of contract jobs such as clerks or construction workers. I'm not surprised seeing as though Chicago is a huge hustling and bustling city. I have not thought much about where else I would like to live in the future, but my brother recently visited Portland and really enjoyed it so I decided to search that! The majority of the jobs were contract jobs looking for people experienced in the industrial field. I saw quite a few where they required certification. The jobs related more to construction and electric work rather than the executive positions listed for Chicago. There were also more temporary positions than Chicago and Madison.

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  1. Yeah I saw a lot of contract jobs too and there were more higher up positions in chicago too. Good write up it was very detailed and informative.