Monday, November 3, 2014

Do I get some Mulligans?

This challenge was not that bad actually on Friday night I just turned off my internet on my phone. I found myself opening the apps but with no internet I was able to regain control and shut off the app. And by the end of Friday I did not even open up the apps. Saturday morning I actually woke up and used Snapchat because I forgot all about the assignment. Saturday though after getting my costume it was really hard not to put it on Facebook or Twitter, and as you can see by my 3 hole punch Jim costume it was great. And then to top it all off I stopped a fight. So I really, really wanted to put that all over twitter because it felt cool to stop a fight. I still held off until Sunday night to post my costume on Facebook. So in total I think I cheated 3 times from my recollection. They were all brief stints and usually where for things that only pertained directly to me, like getting tagged in a photo. Otherwise for contacting friends I just called them which is actually my preferred way to contact people. I was really paranoid that someone would contact me on Facebook though because they where in town but no one did so that was good. So the only way to end this blog is by posting the picture I really wanted to post. And sorry that my best attempt at the Jim face.

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  1. first off, love the costume. so creative! Anyways, I agree with the whole "forgetting about the assignment". Because we are so used to using our phones we don't even see how big of a habit we have created. Sometimes I don't even noticed I am using my phone, which can be rude and distracting. Again, great costume