Saturday, November 29, 2014

My Father on Information Technology

     I decided to talk with my father about some of the information technology he uses as an electrical engineer and how exactly they've aided him in his work.  Almost immediately he began to divulge into some of the mathematical programs he implements on a regular basis.  He said that these programs make his work a lot easier and.  What used to take six or seven different engineers, he can do by himself at the comfort of his computer.  One of the programs he uses is AutoCAD (a 3D designing program).  With the program he has the ability to visualize and imagine what a certain product will look like as well as behave before his company ends up creating it (again, saving them both time and money).  He said that although these programs make his job easier, the company he is employed under has taken this as an opportunity to pursue more and more difficult projects.  All in all, my Father is very happy with the new innovations and opportunities these information technologies provide.  He’s doing things at triple the rate he was before and with much higher accuracy and precision.  The one point he emphasized is that, although our computers are getting more and more intelligent, we shouldn't take this as a signal to become less and less educated in our respective fields.  Instead, we should pursue an even higher understanding and work this incredible technology to its full potential.

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  1. I like to hear an adults perspective and how technology can hurt/help us in our careers. Very interesting!