Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Overall after looking through my blog posts, I seem to present myself differently depending on what we are writing about specifically. For example, in the first post where we were supposed to introduce ourselves to the class, I took a much more relaxed approach in my writing with some sarcasm sprinkled in in order to try and express how I am as a person (I really am a relaxed person who loves sarcasm in real life). This is in contrast to other blog posts such as where you had to blog about a certain reading you were assigned. I took a much more informative approach in writing it with a much more serious tone. I think in discussion in general, I tend to stay away from being sarcastic and trying to come up with thought provoking ideas to discuss. I do remember a couple times of adding a little humor to things I was saying, but overall I took on a more informative approach. I believe that posts such as the first blog post is able to express my "talents" the best because I got to really add my own personal flair to my writing and be creative and I love creative writing!

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