Monday, November 3, 2014


This assignment was really hard. It's hard to not use your cell phone because so many things are on there that you use. Okay, so you can probably not use Facebook or take pictures for a weekend. You also can probably not look at e-mail for a weekend and just answer them on Sunday night or Monday. This is hard but doable. However, when you start not calling or texting, it starts getting impossible.

I lasted about 30 minutes. I know that's a horrific attempt at this assignment, but I tried for that thirty minutes. I was on a car ride to Minnesota and I was trying to coordinate meeting one of my friends on UofM campus. I would have texted him at 5, but because of the assignment I waited to get to my brother's house so I could call my friend on his land line. But, my brother doesn't even have a land line in his apartment. I technically could have went and found a pay phone, but for all I know those don't exist either so I just caved and texted my friend at around 5:30. I didn't use my phone to much during the weekend but after that I gave up on completely disconnecting.

What I learned was that if I couldn't use my phone then life would be a lot harder. It's so much easier with cell phones and it's so commonplace that people just talk to people using their cell phones that people don't even have phones in their house anymore, and I can't remember the last time I saw a pay phone. Obviously a difficult assignment, but it's interesting what you discover about technology and yourself.

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