Sunday, November 9, 2014

Jobs on Manpower

When I searched for jobs on, I wasn’t very surprised by what I found. The jobs needed in different areas of the country are pretty predictable. I first searched for jobs in Madison, Wisconsin. I found listings for auditors, assisted sales representatives, truck drivers, and supply chain managers. When I looked at the description for supply chain managers, they basically described that the person would be moving boxes to and from a truck. Most of these jobs were temporary. Next, I searched for jobs in the closest town to my hometown, which led me to Boonton, New Jersey. There was only one job listed, which was a maintenance mechanic. This was not surprising to me, because Boonton is a very small town where there would not be many businesses. This job was permanent. Lastly, I searched for jobs in New York City, because I hope to live there someday. There were around 30 jobs all in the field of business. These jobs were associate sales executives, inventory clerks, and administrative assistants. These jobs were all permanent or contract.

I definitely saw a difference in the types of technological skills required for the jobs in each area of the country that I searched. In Wisconsin, there were some jobs that required technological skills, while others, such as the truck driver, did not at all. This showed me that there is a diverse range of jobs one could hold in Madison. Meanwhile, in New York City, it seems as if you must be proficient with technology to have a job. Every single job was in the field of business, which requires at least some basic computer skills. The best jobs, to me, seemed like they are in New York City.


  1. Not really sure what to comment here, but it is pretty clear to see that different locations require a specific set of tools because Manpower links you to relatively similar jobs in any given town. So you may be able to reverse search you dream location by searching for your dream job to narrow down your location choices.

  2. I agree that different places require different skills. With my research I also saw that the bigger the city the more or less "better" the jobs. They require more education and pay better than a temp job with the other cities.