Monday, November 3, 2014


This was probably one of the most difficult assignments I've ever had to do for any class.  The Issues began to pop up pretty much as soon as i disconnected on Friday.  My roommates and i were throwing a party and i knew without Facebook it would be difficult to contact everyone i needed to.  I ended up calling a couple of my closer friends and, sadly, using my roommate as a proxy to contact the rest.  Something odd i noticed was that the party itself felt significantly different not being able to use my phone.  I had nowhere to bury my head or escape, i had to be talking to people constantly which, i'm not gonna lie, was difficult.  On Saturday i was at the library for the majority of the day.  I tried to stay away from Facebook, Imgur, and many of the other websites i visit frequently as best as i could but the weird thing was that sometimes i would just open up these websites subconsciously without fully realizing what i was doing.  I ended up giving up later that evening when i needed to text some of my friends about FreakFest arrangements.  Although i gave up early i did learn a lot about how much i use and depended on this digital technology.  It's something that I've become addicted to, i need it to properly function and get through my day.  I don't necessarily think this addiction is a bad thing though, i use the these digital technologies to more effectively socialize, learn, entertain myself, and even get work.  One of the biggest things i realized and one of the major issues i need to fix is how much time i waste online.  I think if I can limit the time i spend checking my phone throughout the day i'll be surprised how much extra time i have.

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  1. Even though you didn't make it all the way through, pretty impressive that you made it until Saturday. Don't think I could do that.