Monday, October 27, 2014

Google Me

When looking through whitepages, and factfinder I found alot of cool but somewhat creepy information. When I typed my phone number in, it correctly showed what county I was from (Sheboygan) but it gave the wrong city. This led me to wonder how accurate the site really is. As for fact finder, this website gave an accurate description of my hometown. My hometown demographics show that it is populated by just under 50,000 people of which 82% are white, and Hispanics are the second highest. race at 10%. From growing up there, this seemed like an accurate description from what I observed. Nonetheless a website like this is really cool because it shows you things you never knew about your hometown.

As for searching through myself on social media, I found it surprising that someone who's not my friend, can still view all my photos and basically my whole Faceook profile because I don't have it set to private. Same goes for my Twitter. Instagram is the only account I have that is set to private, so unless I allow someone to follow me, they can't access my photos. Looking through social media made me realize that social media is kind of creepy and that I should probably set all my profiles to private.

When I first typed my named in google, I couldn't find anything about myself. Apparently there are a lot of people in the world that share my name. I then tried to narrow down my search by adding my hometown to the search bar. I found out that there are apparently two other Matt Schroeder's from my hometown that I didn't even know about. I did however find some articles about me mainly from high school sports. I also found this image of me on Google that shows how happy I was to take that photo!

Overall, I thought this was a cool assignment and I learned a lot of things I didn't know about my hometown and how public my profile actually is online. I'm sure this is small compared to what other people can do (which is very creepy). I was a little disappointed with my Google celebrity status, but hey, there's still time to change that.


  1. I also found out a lot of interesting information about my neighborhood that I did not know before. There was hardly anything about me on google so it's really interesting that this assignment worked so well for you!

  2. I need to get my Google celebrity status up too, but people could still find out a lot of information about me from my social media accounts. That was a little bit scary, I need to look into changing that too.

  3. my facebook thing was private i guess because i couldnt see anything besides my profile pic. it might be a solid idea to make yours private. you look really intimidating in that pic im glad i didnt play you.