Sunday, October 26, 2014

"Googling" Myself

It's ME!!!
When I "Googled" myself i didn't find anything very interesting.  Mostly what i found were a lot of college graduates and other young professionals on LinkedIn ,Twitter, and other networking sites with the same name (most of them in computer science surprisingly).  I didn't find anything about me, which is probably a good thing, and sadly there were no actors or other famous people with the same name.  When i searched in images, pictures of a famous actor with the same first name (Kyle Chandler) popped up.  What kind of freaked me out was that, as i scrolled down i found a picture of me!  It just kind of reminds you that nothing you put on the internet is truly private.  Everyone has access to that information whether you allow them to or not.

I also found this picture in the image search... i was not dissapointed


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  2. I couldn't not find much information about myself on the internet but I was also able to find a picture of me on Google images! When I tracked it down, I realize that Google has retrieved it from Soundcloud page. Looking at how Google has retrieved my photo without my consent, it scares me too that if you put something out on the internet, you are no longer in full control of that content. In this case, I agree that "privacy is dead".