Monday, October 27, 2014

Google Georgia

When I looked up my personal cell phone number, no relevant information appeared. However when I searched my house phone, everyone's name in my family showed, along with the address that I lived in my entire life up until this past July (kind of creepy). I was pretty shocked when I found my neighborhood on Mapping America. As a true Chicagoan, I think of myself as being exposed to diversity growing up in Chicago. I recently moved about ten minutes north, and found that my new neighborhood is 90% white, 5% black, and 5% asian. I wouldn't exactly call this diverse. My old neighborhood wasn't much better, but if I switch just one county over, the percentage of whites drops by about 30% and each of the other ethnicities listed raised slightly.

When it came to searching myself on social networks, I didn't find anything I didn't think I would, as I have privatized all of my profiles. You can see my name, a picture of me, and who I'm friends with. Since my cover photo and profile picture are both me wearing Wisconsin gear on game day, people will probably guess I go here. I googled my twitter and Instagram names and I am indeed the first hits on Google.

The funny thing about googling myself is that the fabulous Mick Jagger just happens to have a daughter named Georgia May. So when I google both "Georgia May" and "May, Georgia," Georgia May Jagger immediately takes over the search. I even tried Georgia May Chicago or Georgia May Lincoln Park, but alas nothing. With "G May," a ton of random people appear, but not me. I searched my email addresses and again, nothing relevant to me appeared. My father's name came up a couple times when I searched my phone numbers, but nothing about me.

(Just a picture of me ^)
If an employer was to stalk me online as I just did myself, I don't think they would find that much about me. All they would be able to decipher is that I'm a caucasian college girl from Chicago, that lives in a predominately white neighborhood. It is a bit of a relief to know that I may have a bit more privacy online than others because Georgia May Jagger takes over the hits on search engines.

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  1. My parents' information showed up a couple of times when I googled myself as well. Very weird how your information can be so publicly intertwined with someone else's.