Monday, October 20, 2014

This is a visual interpretation of what Vannevar Bush's idea for memex essentially was. I thought it was really interesting that Bush had these ideas 45 years ago of how he envisioned technology, in which his idea is what we know today as the World Wide Web. I was amazed, that it was sort of like he had the idea of the World Wide Web, much before it was ever actually implemented into our daily lives, His idea of memex pioneered people in the future such as Gordon Bell (who implemented path-based systems reminiscent of that of the memex, and Ted Nelson's work with hypertext and and hypermedia. This video shows a screen with information on it, and the idea that someone can type something in the "machine" and get answers from it. Although he never lived to see the world wide web, his ideas were spot on and came true and pioneered someone that is a central part of our daily lives today.

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  1. I agree with you idea that it is crazy about his idea about the internet before the internet. It also astounds me that this whole concept is 45 years ago. The video gave good visual to the articles.