Tuesday, October 28, 2014


As I first did research on my hometown, and my neighborhood in particular, I realized how insanely creepy it was that more private issues such as salaries were made readily available to the public. Although it is an average for the neighborhood as a whole I was generally kind of, really, ok SUPER weirded out by that, but hey, thats life.
When I googled myself, naturally my social media sites popped up including Facebook and Twitter. I have really high security settings on my Facebook so outside people can only see my profile pictures and my cover photos. As for Twitter however, I have no privacy settings because I feel as if I have nothing to hide and plus I feel that the world could be a little brighter with my sarcastic and humorous (at least I think so!) tweets being public to everyone!
In addition to that, apparently I'm not the only Kassidy Franz in the world so Pinterest and Muzy accounts pop up under my name. I swear I have not fallen victim to the dangerous world known as Pinterest!
Overall, I don't necessarily feel incredibly creeped out by this information being readily available to anyone who googles my name, as long as personal info such as my address, number, credit card number, etc. isn't made public, isn't made public.

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  1. I agree that it was weird how much some of the website could tell you about your hometown. There was a lot of stuff I learned about my hometown that I thought was private, like income levels.