Monday, October 27, 2014

Google Me

When I first did a search to do a geodemographic marketing analysis on myself, I was surprised to see how accurate my currently location was. Although I had to make a payment to see my name and current address, my location was visible through their electronic map. When I submitted my zip code in factfinder, I was able find various information based on which location I lived. For example, in my community, there were estimate of 12,136 people with a median age of 21.7 and 92.5 percent of high school graduate. This makes sense because majority of the people where I live are college students. When I entered in my address in accessdane, I was able to retrieve financial information about my apartment. Nytimes also showed me diverse information about the distribution of racial groups in United States. I was very surprised by how anyone could retrieve my name and address along with some basic information about my current location based on a single information. On my social networking site, basic information about my profile was visible but all other information was inaccessible, as I have configured myself in such a way. When I did a Google search and entered my name, e-mail address, and phone number, no information was retrievable except for my soundcloud page that I created couple months ago. I noticed that Google has retrieved some photos from my soundcloud page, as I was able to see pictures of me in Google images. If a geodemographic firm searches me, they will be able see a picture of me and clearly locate where I live along with some information about my community. I think the reason why a detailed description of my identity was inaccessible was because I tend to be very cautious when revealing my identity online and to the public.

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