Monday, October 27, 2014


After doing a little research on this infamous Brooke Francis, I found that once I found my girl, it was easy to do deep digging on her life. I first found Brooke Francis' Facebook profile page. I was actually able to see her wall posts and all of her profile pictures. I then googled her name in images and was able to see her cover picture of her LinkedIn page. I was able to see her whole professional side but also her crazy, so to speak "idgaf" side on Facebook.

This creeps me out to the max. I am currently trying to set all my profiles to ultra private but I am having some difficulties. I understand for LinkedIn you do want anyone, hopefully employers, to find you for a job or interview. Your LinkedIn profile is almost an online resume that's up for grabs. On the other hand, Facebook seems a little explicit. The privacy settings are tricky and tend to have loop wholes. I noticed that others were having difficulties finding themselves, and clearly I had no problem. It makes me question my SOE and algorithms of my pages, maybe it was easier to find myself because I go on my pages religiously. I wasn't logged in or anything, but I find it hard to believe that when anyone searches my name, I would be the first to come up. Overall creepy experience at how much the internet/ information society really has to it's advantage.

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  1. I was also really creeped out with how public my profiles were, and I'm completely with you on changing them to private. Basically we wrote similar things and the gist of it is that we realized how creepy the internet is.