Sunday, October 19, 2014

DARPA's attempt at Memex

I viewed a recent article on the development and production of the Memex. It seemed to me that DARPA was somehow going to create a sort of super-Google by specifying and narrowing your search. It also would take into account the preferences and the domain you are searching from, which means that if you are searching from a government computer, the search would be tailored towards government needs. DARPA's main goal is to make it easier and more efficient to share and gain access to all the information there is out there. In essence, they are trying to individualize the search for information among users.
To me, it seems that DARPA is creating some sort of super-Google because, nowadays, Google tailors itself to the user. You create a Google account and it will keep track of your search history, keep track of your friends that also have a Google account, and narrow your searches based on preferences. But I believe that DARPA will open more doors to information than Google can or is even allowed. This Memex might give the wrong people access to hazardous information and DARPA might not even be aware of it. Or perhaps they are aware, but are more concerned with providing access to this information to millions of people as opposed to the few who may use it for morally wrong purposes.

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