Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Project

Sorry for being a little late on this one wanted to do a through job and do it correctly so that my paper would be good and an easy process. My 3 books are linked between the internet and economics. I was mostly interested in how the economy is affected by the online shopping but the books I found went further into detail then that. 

My Books:

I chose Media and New Capitalism in the Digital Age: The Spirit of Networks by Eran Fisher. It was from the beginning the one that caught my eye and was my favorite. From the description I gathered that Fisher describes how technologies affect the network capitalism. Which to me sounds pretty interesting. And of the 3 books it had the most scholarly reviews with 4 but It was the newest so there must be a lot of attention to this book. Which also means that this book can have a lot of opportunities for discussion and I like that. So I am kind of looking forward to this project. 

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