Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Searching For Myself

In doing a search about my self and my hometown I found a lot of stuff. For my hometown I found out that there is a population of 17 thousand within the zip code which is a lot more than I thought. Of that 87.8 percent of the population followed by Native American at 8.4 percent. There is only a 90 percent graduation rate from High school. And the average income is 43 thousand. Which is actually higher than I thought.

Then I went to search for myself, so when I googled myself I first found 6 pictures and of those 6 only 2 where of me. Next I found my Facebook, My Twitter, and lastly my YouTube account. I do not really understand why my YouTube account came up because I have not posted a single video. After that I found 2 other people named Logan Hintz on Pintrest. What surprised me most was the fact that they were both females because I generally meet male Logan's. And I kept scrolling and found a Hudl account which is a film watching site for high school sports. I wanted to go watch my own film and relive the glory days but it was not me its was someone from North Dakota. And then I continued scrolling i found my Grandma's obituary. Which was kind of scary that they still had that but I read it and that ended my journey to find myself.

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