Sunday, October 26, 2014


If a firm were to try and search for me on the Internet, they would have real trouble finding the right Kevin Nguyen. Scrolling through each page, every result had my name in it. But the only problem about this was that none of them were me. After 19 pages, my name still kept showing up, but with links ranked this low, they were not very pleasant results. Through the first couple of pages, Google only showed accounts for respectable websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Amazon, and big news websites. I also encountered a link that addressed the dilemma of why there are so many Kevin Nguyens when you search for them on Google. It stated that there are ~1234 Kevin Nguyens when you search for it.
Here is Kevin Nguyen's mug shot for child porn.
I thought it would be easier if I were to use my full name, but I was only disheartened at the fact that there were still multiple results for Kevin Thanh Nguyen without my face on the other end of the link. The only way a person could find me on Google is if I were to give them detailed instructions on locating me on Facebook, since I do not really have any other social networking accounts.

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