Monday, October 20, 2014

Linking Minds

For my video I went onto YouTube and searched "Memex Bush" and where a video popped up called "Linking Minds" this video was the first part of a documentary in where it talks about the stuff that leads up the the computer. It even gives a very detailed report on Bush's life and accomplishments. And it eventually gets to the Memex. It gives us and intricate background on how the Memex was suppose to work. And I only had one thought come to mind that people back in 1945 must of thought that Bush was the craziest man alive. The television was not even popular at that time and this man envisions the idea of have 3 screens on one desk that connect you to all this information on demand.. And being almost 70 years after this idea was hatched, I still have doubts on whether or not it would have worked. And we live in a time where we can fly in planes, play virtual games, and connect to the internet without any cords. So Bush may be crazy but he had the vision and from that a lot of real things came together. The video mentions that he is credited for the idea of the home computer and also the linking system that connects the internet to itself. And I believe that to be true, without his who know where we would be today. So it is only fitting that I end this blog with a link to the video.

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