Monday, October 20, 2014

Memex Trails

When I googled "memes," I came across a blog post from 2011 that discussed the idea of the memex. The blog post started off with a drawing of what the memex was supposed to look like, which really helped me because I had a hard time following along and visualizing the memex in Bush's essays. The post also summarizes the points that Bush got right and are evident in today's computers. However the writer claims that Bush's idea of "trails," or how we got to certain pages has not quite surfaced in the technological world. However, at the end there is an edit where the writer states that several readers commented that there are several web tools that exemplify the idea of "trails."

Overall, I find it quite intriguing that this memex that was supposed to be the size of a desk, has evolved into the computer and world wide web we know today that can be accessed on mini laptops and tablets. The blog also emphasizes how amazing it was that Bush was able to predict the use of hyperlinks in the future and how we are able to connect documents through the use of those. This comment really made me realize how important hyperlinking is in today's time, and really made me think about how amazing it was that Bush was able to predict such an advancement. This post really cleared up a lot of the confusion I had about how close Bush's predictions were to the technologies we have today.


  1. I also had a very hard time envisioning what the Memex was supposed to look like, but this blog and it's drawing of the Memex really clears up a lot of my confusion! Great find, Kassidy.

  2. I really like the article you choose because it shows how close Bush's idea are to modern day computers. I could not find an article like that so good job.