Monday, October 13, 2014

The Death & Life of the Music Industry in the Digital Age

I felt the term “Information Society” was too broad so at first, I thought of what I can add to the term that interests me in the field of information studies.  I was able to narrow down my topic when I added “music industry” in the search box. I wanted learn more about the impact of digital technology on the musical economy and the process of production, distribution, and consumption.  Furthermore, the harmful effect of the Internet regarding today’s piracy issues was what interested me the most. The three books that I have found: The Death and Life of the Music Industry in the Digital Age, Reformatted: Code, Networks, and the Transformation of the Music Industry, and Music and Human-Computer Interaction (Springer Series on Cultural Computing).
After reviewing the three books through Worldcat, Google Books, and Library Thing, I was able to choose the book called The Death and Life of the Music Industry in the Digital Age. This book was classified as social science and had the best reviews with lowest price compared to other two books. It was held by most in libraries and in social networking called “Library Thing”, it had most members with highest popularity. Despite the statistics, what actually led me to choosing this book was the content suited my interest and the amount of chatter it generated on wed. After choosing this book, I was able to find two reviewers: American Library Association and Ringgold Inc.

American Library Association dba CHOICE
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  1. I thought using music as your topic was really interesting and unique. It's quite amazing to look back and realize how far the music industry as come, especially in consumption. I remember being eager to buy the newest "NOW" album for $20 at my nearest Walmart, and I now I can listen to music for free on youtube and spotify. Really good topic choice!