Tuesday, September 30, 2014

You and Your Parents (1950)

I chose the film You and Your Parents filmed in 1950 because it instantly reminded me of the control struggle between young adults and there parents. This reminded me of the control revolution where the increase in knowledge and responsibility caused parents to become more strict than before. In this film the young adult named Dick decides he's going to run away from home, but he first visits his club leader who changes his mind. He explains that his parent are used to a certain amount of control over his life and are having trouble releasing it. This reminds me to one of the articles from the control revolution where it mentions a lot of train crashes. The younger dick was reckless and did not know what he was doing so he got himself into trouble so his parents had to watch him. But as he got older Dick was able to control himself and stay out of trouble. Dick's parent how were use to controlling him so much that they continued to do so. Dick had become automated to make the good decisions for himself and handle the consequence of his bad decisions. His parents still did not trust him so he had to earn the trust of his parents in order to get more freedom to control himself and become a completely self-sufficient human being. And in the end Dick had less restrictions because of the respect he earned by being responsible for himself. So clear it up Dick could be interchanged with new technology in the control era while his parents are the people who control the new technologies to keep it in place. And in the end Dick is postindustrial and is automatic no longer need control.

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