Monday, September 29, 2014

What is "Good Sportsmanship"?

This video is all about good ol' sportsmanship. It is one of the Coronet Instructional Films that "teaches" you how to live a certain aspect of your life. They tell you what good sportsmanship is:
1. play fair
2. play best for the team
3. take results well
All of these rules are sound and I could see that they could be beneficial to outcomes of life. But the whole video was very subjective in that there was no room for arguing against the ideas they were putting out. The video was saying things like, "everybody likes a good sport," and, "everyone likes you and you feel better about yourself. This would link to the idea that the control revolution is an ongoing period. These videos tell you how to be a good person in the eyes of society. But my question is who shapes the mold for what society wants everyone to be?


  1. After watching this archive I agree with your points and also your remaining question. Another question I find from this video would include debating, and having a voice for your opinions. A ref could have miscalled, and without objecting and fighting for your right, you can let you values pass right by.

  2. It's actually really interesting how during this time period, people thought there was a clear cut way to "be something." This video is a great example of this and there's also a ridiculous article called "How to Be a Good Housewife" which is absolutely hilarious. Nowadays more people exercise their right to be their own person so it's really humorous to see people trying to conform under a certain list of values.