Monday, September 8, 2014

Introduction LIS201

Hello LIS discussion!

I am Brooke Francis, a sophomore majoring in Finance in the School of Business here at UW. I am from Hastings, Minnesota, which is about forty-five minutes south of the Twin Cities. I am the middle child of three girls, arguably the best/favorite child as well. I live on a small ranch with a couple of horses, dogs, and kitties. I love the country setting, but the day I saw ‘Sex in the City’ I knew I was a city girl at heart!  My dad is one of eleven children-all of whom are Salesmen/women- and I hope to jump on the sales bandwagon for investments and bonds.
My mom and I being Cowgirls 

            Last summer was one of the most relaxing summers for me, which I already dearly miss. I waitressed all summer at a bar with the best French fries on this earth. What made it that much better was all my best friends worked there as well! My highlight of my summer would have to be when I went to Country Jam in Eau Claire with fifteen of my best friends. You camp out for five days and you are surrounded with your favorite country bands- what could be better?

My hobbies include napping and Netflix, but on a good day I also love being active. I have been competitively dancing for fifteen years, mainly in Ballet. I hope to take some courses this year and tryout for some teams. I hope this class helps me realize the controversies and the revolutions of technology better, because right now technology, to me, is just a way of life. I am excited and ready to start learning!

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  1. thats really cool that you live in the country setting, my mom was a big horse rider. also cool that your studying finance in business school, i am in the business school too but undecided. enjoyed reading the post