Tuesday, September 23, 2014


I chose to research the the beginnings of the laptop. I thought this would be very interesting due to the fact that they are so common now. Everyone in college has one and so do most children in high school. Some of the earliest articles I could find about laptops were from 1987. It really surprised me that this was not the time in which laptops were invented but the point in time that they became reasonable affordable for their time. One scholarly article I found on the JSTOR database said that from when laptops came out until 1987, when the article was written, that they had become much more reasonably price and more reliable. this same article went on to say that the reasonable price was over two thousand dollars and some of the biggest selling points were that it had two floppy disk drives and only weighed eleven pounds. If you have never seen a floppy disk it is a flat disk that had less than two MB of memory(I have attached a picture if you have never seen one). So in the end the overall meaning of laptop has not changed, its is still a self contained portable computer, but the current laptops do not resemble their predecessors very much.

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