Monday, September 29, 2014

Sentinel in the Sky


The video I watched was "Sentinel in the Sky" and it was about the development of technology in airplanes. It is one of the most necessary developments because people need to be aware of things they cannot see and using the echo principle they developed radar. By emitting radio waves we can measure distances of things around us. I found this interesting because I never had an in-depth knowledge of how it truly functions, just that it is used every single day in modern aircrafts. Normal clouds do not reflect the beams, but heavy rain clouds do so radar can pick up storms to warn pilots. This is one of the most innovative pieces of technology that we use to link our world. Many people take technology like this for granted and this video made me think about how much we rely on machines for basic needs like safety. By developing useful technology like the radar, our world has become much more interconnected and our information more easily accessible.

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  1. I thought this was very interesting as well, you really don't realize how necessary things like radar and echos are until you look at them more in depth. Without airplanes, (and these technologies) it would be so much harder to travel the world and collect and trade knowledge and ideas with other people. I agree with your statement with how we take these things for granted, this article was interesting and really informative.