Monday, September 22, 2014

Cell Phone

I chose the term "cell phone". After doing research on the terms first uses, I came to understand that cell phones were originally very simple technologies. They were devices that's appeal was the wireless aspect of the device. The fact you could make a call that wasn't on a wired phone in your house was a big deal. One cell phone article I found was talking about the cell phone and how it's battery only lasted 15 minutes and it emphasized being able to walk around while talking on your phone. There was also an article that mentioned car phones a lot which is notable considering car phones don't even exist now. Overall, though, the basic definition of cell phone hasn't changed much since when it was first used. The difference now is that when we talk about cell phones we are usually talking about smart phones. Devices that are more like wireless computers in your pocket rather than just something that can make a wireless phone call.


  1. I agree, I think its amazing how something so revolutionary was taken to such a level that the term cell phone is rarely used today. Smartphones have almost every tool we need today and I find it amazing that 15 minutes of battery life using only cellular data, has turned into 10 hours of social media, calling, texting, and much more.

  2. I wonder if the term smart phone will be replaced by another term such as "smarter phone" as it did with the term cell phone.

  3. Along with the discussion about how people only use the term "smartphone" now instead of "cellphone," the same idea of isolation kind of translates over to brands. My dream in middle school was to own a hot pink motorola razr, but do you really hear of razrs anymore? It seems like iPhones and galaxies are the only 2 types of phones people have nowadays. Crazy to think how 2 types of phones are dominating the market today when in middle school the goal was to HAVE a cellphone, it didn't matter what kind!